Get your car ready for autumn

Now is the time to make necessary preparations for the coming late autumn and winter months. This means not only adjusting your driving style according to the weather, but also to make the regular checks of your vehicle.

Our suggested checks are:

Lighting check: To see and be seen is especially important with the dark mornings and autumn fogs. Check that all your head, side, rear and brake lights are clean and clearly visible.
Visual check:  With the seasonally low sunshine, this can be extremely dazzling for the driver and can cause potential visibility difficulties. Therefore, you should ensure all of your windows are cleaned regularly inside and out, which will increase your safety when driving in such conditions. Our window cleaner can make this task very easy for example.
Tyre Check: Reduce the risk of skidding or sliding on dangerous slippery road surfaces as heavy or continuous rain, along with fallen foliage, adds to the risk of damage and aquaplaning!

The legally specified tyre profile depth of 1.6mm is the absolute minimum for safe driving in autumn & winter weather conditions.

A simple top tip: If you place a 1 euro coin into the tyre treads, the brass rim should be no longer visible – if this is the case then the profile depth of the tyre will be correct and legal!

Battery Check: The battery should be tested in the autumn and, if necessary, renewed or charged. As we know, nothing is more annoying than a battery failure in the cold season.

Extra suggestion check: Clear away any annoying fallen foliage or first snow fall from the bodywork of the vehicle. To help protect the vehicles bodywork, the use any of the KUNGS snow brushing range with their paint scratch resisting bristles, these will easily remove any unwanted objects from the car body surfaces.