It’s summer time and the cleaning is easy

Especially with the range of Kungs summer car cleaning products to help you.

We have everything you will need to clean and keep clean your vehicle. There is the Kungs “Shampoo”, which releases an effective car shampoo which removes the dirt without harming the surface of your vehicle or, choose the Kungs “Micro-Fibre sponge” with a convenient hand cover and a double cleaning surfaces, one for the body work & the other, a mesh surface for clearing those sticky insect marks left on the windshield and elsewhere. The Kungs “Super Sponge” offering is suitable for both cleaning and drying, so again, another multi-purpose washing aid.

We have an array of clothes for drying & polishing. The “Super dry car drying towel” which will hold 5 x times its weight in liquid, is ideal for quick efficient drying. For polishing, why not use the Kungs “Micro-fibre car cloth”, which will polish the bodywork to a gleaming shine. It is also very useful for cleaning the interior (…as well as household dusting!) or again choose the Kungs “Polishing cloth” with a handy finger section to get at those annoyingly stubborn stains.

For the wheels we now have an ergonomically designed Wheel/rim brush, for making sure the hubs of the wheels are in pristine condition throughout the summer.

For interior cleaning we would recommend the multi-purpose Kungs “Micro-fibre Cockpit cleaner”, that is designed to gain access to all the dirty “nook & crannies” that hoard dust and dirt in the most difficult of positions within the car`s interior. Also, for pet lovers, to help remove all those hairs left “loving” behind by your favourite family animal, try out our new “Silicone 3 way brush”, it has two heavy duty brushing sides and a wiper blade to remove condensation or early morning dew from the wing mirrors or windshield.

So after cleaning, sit back, admire your work and think “its summer time and the cleaning is easy”