Mega-Is snow brush / ice scraper

The Mega-Is snow brush / ice scraper is 77 cm in length, so it provides a good reach for cleaning even a larger car from snow and ice.

Size :


Product number : 4569
EAN : 64238000045691

The Mega-Is has a quality snow brush and an efficient, replaceable scraper blade. Our unique triangular shaped ice scraper has three sharp scraper blades, and it is easy to turn the scraper around to switch a new
scraper side. The scraper blade is manufactured of 100% polycarbonate and designed to break through even the hardest ice.You can easily clean the wiper blades of snow and ice with the help of the little notch in the ice scraper blade.

  • Ergonomically formed 77cm long shaft provides optimal reach even for bigger cars.
  • Ultra strong, 10 cm wide reversible scraper blade made of frost-proof polycarbonate.
  • 3 scraping edges, ice breaker teeth.
  • Notch for cleaning wiper blades from ice and snow.
  • Thick yet gentle brush removes wet and dry snow.
  • Flexible ice scraper structure improves efficiency.