Mid-Is ice scraper

A good and sturdy ice scraper makes it easy to clear even that tough ice from the car windows.

Size :

25 cm

Product number : 4568
EAN : 6423800055683

Our unique triangular shaped ice scraper has three sharp scraper blades, and it is easy to turn the scraper around to switch a new scraper side. The scraper blade is manufactured of 100% polycarbonate and designed to break through even the hardest ice.

  • Ultra strong, 10 cm wide reversible scraper blade made of frost-proof polycarbonate.
  • 3 scraping edges, ice breaker teeth
  • Notch for cleaning wiper blades from ice and snow.
  • Ergonomically formed 25 cm long shaft.
  • Flexible ice scraper structure improves effi ciency.
  • Fits easily in the side pocket of your car.
  • The KUNGS replacement blade also fits the Mid-Is.