Four reasons why KUNGS-products are durable and of excellent quality

1. A dedicated in-house testing laboratory

We have our own testing laboratory, where we test the properties of our products and materials. The laboratory’s equipment include, for example, product-specific testing gear and a weather-exposure cabinet.

2. Uncompromising product development

In our product development, we perform durability and functionality tests to discover the best possible solutions and materials for our products. Our brush products have all passed a durability test consisting of tens of thousands of brushing motions on various kinds of surfaces.

3. Weather-exposure testing

Weather-exposure testing enables us to optimize a product’s durability at extreme freezing temperatures as well as in constant sunlight. We select the materials, colors, and technical solutions for our products carefully, to ensure that the product can withstand years of use in demanding conditions.

4. Quality assurance in our production

All stages of production at our factory incorporate systematic quality monitoring, and we test all purchased components and materials before commencing production.