Sinituote group


Sinituote Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that manufactures and markets cleaning products, household products and car care tools. It is the leading manufacturer of these products throughout the Nordic and Scandinavian countries.

Sinituote is known for its brands SINI, KUNGS and RÖRETS, which are all well-known and trusted brands around the globe.

Sinituote group has subsidiaries in Finland (Lundia Oy), Sweden (Rörets Ab) and Poland (Rorets Polska SP.ZO.O.). The group’s production facilities are situated in Finland and in Poland. In 2017 the turnover for the group was €90 million, and the number of employees was approx. 500 persons.

The company has achieved a high Rating Alfa classification by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, the leading provider of information services for corporate and risk management.

Sinituote Oy has been owned by the Brotherus family for the last 30 years.


KUNGS is the leading Nordic brand for automobile care

The KUNGS winter products are designed and tested to suit the extreme Finnish winter conditions. They are manufactured at our own factory in Kokemäki, Finland. Our philosophy is to produce the best products for winter automobile accessory markets around the world. We take a great pride in our quality and being the market leader in Northern and Central Europe for premium winter car accessories.

Corporate social responsibility

We aim to continuously improve our production and operating methods. Our quality assurance is monitored in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Environmental matters at Sinituote are handled in accordance with the globally recognized ISO 14001 environmental standard and instructions