Smart tool for removing morning conden­sa­tion from the windows

With the KUNGS Aqua-Away wiper, you will be able to clear away any excess water or light wet snow from your car windows as well as clearing away any condensation from the interior windows.

The unique design and shape of the wiper enables thorough cleaning of any straight and curved surfaces due to its soft wiping head.

The Aqua-Away wiper is extremely easy to handle as it has been ergonomically designed and produced with high quality pressurised break resistant plastic. They are resistant to chemical cleaning agents and drastic temperature changes. Every KUNGS product comes with a 3 year guarantee.

The Aqua-Away wiper is available in two different versions:

A short hand held handle.
A long telescopic handle, which is particularly suited for the larger vehicle.

Extra top tip Suggestion: An effective means of clearing away any excess water vapour or heavy condensation, is to clean the outside and inside of the windshield regularly. This will reduce risk of fogging or misting of the windshield. Our top tip for comfortable cleaning is to use the KUNGS window cleaning wiper with the micro-fibre cover.