What to do when condensation forms on the inside windows of your vehicle in the winter time

How annoying is a misted windscreen and side windows on the inside of your car? Do you wipe them with your hand or a piece of cloth or even a small tissue that has been lying around? Only then to find that there are large smudge marks left behind when the windshield dries, making it difficult to see properly in low sunlight?

Well, we at KUNGS have a solution that will help you to remove the damp condensation quickly, efficiently and will leave no smudges when the windshield dries.

The KUNGS Car Window Cleaner has been ergonomically designed and tested to ensure that it can reach all parts of the windows. It has a unique static microfibre pad made of tightly woven fabric which makes it the perfect option for all types of glass. The Window Cleaner simply absorbs the moisture into the mircofibre pad leaving a dry clean surface.

It is also very versatile; it be can used all year round as it removes dirt and dust very effectively. The pad is removable and can be machine washed in a of temperature 40 degrees. Due to its size and shape, The KUNGS Car Window Cleaner can easily be stowed away in a door side compartment or glove box and comes with a 3 year product guarantee, as do all of the KUNGS products.

Top Tip: Try to remove as much snow and ice from clothes & shoes before entering your vehicle to reduce the risk of extra condensation forming on the insides windows.