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Kungs cloth for cockpit (45 x 38 cm)


Soft microfibre cloth with two different sides. The dashboard cloth is suitable for both car interior and exterior surfaces.

The grey side will remove dust from the dashboard effectively. Used dry, the cloth is also handy for cleaning the ventilation slits and other small crevices in a car. When moistened, the cloth will remove stains without needing any detergent. The yellow side of the cloth is effective for exterior surfaces. It is flexible and comfortable to use. The cloth absorbs water effectively and remove every drop of water from a painted surface. Used for waxing, the short weave of the cloth gives a shiny end result.

Maintenance instructions

The dashboard cloth is cleaned by shaking off the dust. A soiled cloth can be machine washed in 40 °C in a wash bag. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. The cloth must be washed after every use if it is used for waxing or drying.


45 x 38 cm



Recycling instructions

Towel – energy waste
Packaging cardboard – cardboard recycling

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