Kungs – terms of warranty

All Kungs car maintenance products have a warranty of at least one year. Some of our products have a warranty of three years. On the product website, the products covered by the warranty are marked with the sign shown below.

Terms of warranty

The warranty applies to product defects caused by a manufacturing or material defect. A manufacturing or material defect is usually visible when inspecting the product or after the first couple of uses.

The warranty covers the repair of the product, replacement of the defective part or replacement of the entire product. Sinituote may decide to provide a replacement product. The replacement of the product or a part during the warranty period will not extend the original warranty period.

The warranty period starts from the day of purchase, and the warranty must be proven with the receipt of purchase or warranty certificate. The warranty only covers products sold in Finland.

The warranty requires that the product is used for purpose for which the product is designed and maintained in accordance with the maintenance instructions. The warranty does not cover defects which are caused by normal wear and tear, negligent and incorrect use of the product, failure to comply with Sinituote’s recommendations and incorrect storage.

The warranty does not cover any distress caused by the broken product.

Consumers must report possible product defects immediately after detection to Sinituote’s customer service at info@kungs.fi

In order to speed up the reclamation processing, add to the email a precise description of the problem, a photo of the product or broken part, purchase receipt or warranty certificate and your contact information. You will receive instructions concerning the progress of the warranty process.