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Kungs microfibre car cloth (40×60 cm)


The Kungs microfibre chamois is a soft microfibre cloth of ample size that is suitable for cleaning and drying cars.

The microfibre chamois will clean all glass surfaces of a car effectively and is also well suited for cleaning electronics. Used dry, the microfibre chamois will develop an electronic charge, attracting dust. When moistened, microfibres will remove dirt and grease even without detergent. The microfibre chamois is even more absorbent than a traditional microfibre car cloth. The cloth is soft to the touch both dry and damp.

Maintenance instructions

Rinse the microfibre chamois with clean water as necessary during use. The microfibre chamois can be machine washed at 40 °C in a wash bag without bleach or fabric softener.


40 x 60 cm



Recycling instructions

Microfibre chamois– energy waste
Packaging cardboard – cardboard recycling

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