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Kungs grit guard for bucket


The Kungs grit guard is an accessory that you place at the bottom of bucket where it will prevent sand and other dirt from getting back to your brush or sponge.

Sand and other solid dirt will sink to the bottom of the bucket, below the grit guard, keeping the water above the guard clean. The grit guard has holes for your fingers, making it easy to place into the bucket and remove. After washing, you can also place your car wash brush in the same holes to dry. This way, the bristles dry out hygienically and the brush is ready for its next use.

The grit guard is sized according to the bottom of the 16 litre wash bucket. However, using side cutters to cut three of the outermost rings away from the guard, it can also be used in a 10 litre bucket.

Maintenance instructions

Rinse the grit guard thoroughly after use.


Diameter 25.5 cm



Recycling instructions

Grit guard – energy waste
Packaging cardboard – cardboard recycling

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