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Kungs Star-is snow brush with ice scraper


Innovative, multi-functional rotating brush head with an integrated rubber wiping blade for easy cleaning in all directions.

Kungs Star-is snow brush/ice scraper with telescopic shaft has a reversible and replaceable ice scraper equipped with ice breaker teeth on one end and an ample, rotating brush and rubber wiper on the other end. The light aluminium telescopic shaft with its stepless adjustment makes it easy to clean snow off even a large car. The wiper blade is good for pushing wet snow off the roof of the car. The rotating brush can be used either in the T position or aligned with the shaft, as needed. The brush head has a good locking mechanism.

The bristles of the Star-is are manufactured from the PET plastic sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The bristles withstand bending well and glide smoothly on the surface to be cleaned.

Maintenance instructions

A soiled brush can be rinsed with running water.


In the T position 82–114 cm, straight 93–125 cm


Snow brush shaft – aluminium
Snow brush bristles – PET
Snow brush body – polypropene
Scraper – polycarbonate
Wiper – TPE

Recycling instructions

Shaft – scrap metal
Scraper and brush – energy waste
Product brochure – paper collection

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