A Kungs snow brush is essential for safe winter driving!

A Kungs snow brush is essential for safe winter driving!

A proper snow brush is an essential part of any car’s winter accessories

Cleaning your car from snow and ice is an important safety factor, so reserve enough time for it. Poor visibility and a snowy car can pose a danger in traffic.

The Kungs selection has high-quality snow brushes for cars of all sizes.

  • A good snow brush should be long enough to allow you to reach the roof and the middle of a wide windscreen. The Kungs Tele-is telescopic snow brush helps with reaching.
  • The shaft allows getting a good grip even with gloves.
  • It is also equipped with wide and gentle bristles that will remove snow from the glass and painted surfaces of the car.

An effective ice scraper will remove even the toughest ice

  • A proper ice scraper makes it easy to loosen even the toughest ice from car windows.
  • A plastic scraper will not damage the car doors or weather strips.
  • A good ice scraper is slightly flexible and has a fine blade, allowing it to adapt well to the contours of the windscreen.
  • A scraper equipped with a flexible blade will also require the least amount of force to be used.

Replacing only the worn part is easy on the environment and your wallet

  • The triangular Kungs replacement scraper blade has a total of six scraping edges, two along each side.
  • The scraper is also equipped with ice breaker teeth for getting off even the toughest black ice and a notch for cleaning windscreen wiper blades.
  • The scraper of a snow brush will wear down in use over time, but now you can minimise the amount of plastic waste by only replacing the scraper blade and keep using the same brush.