Cleaning the interior of the car

Cleaning the interior of the car


  • Remove any loose items.
  • Remove the carpets, shake them off and wash, if necessary.

Vacuum cleaning

  • Check if the dust bag is full and change, if necessary. Vacuum clean the seats and then any rubbish that has dropped on the floor.
  • With the effective Kungs Quick brush silicone brush you can clean the seats and carpets even without using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Push the front seats back to reach all the way under them.
  • Push the front seats all the way to the front when vacuum cleaning the backseat legroom to also get to any rubbish under the seats.
  • Vacuum clean the inside of the doors and the dashboard with a brush nozzle. The best tool for vacuuming door compartments is a narrow crevice nozzle.
  • Switch to the other side of the car as necessary to make it easier to reach everywhere. Also vacuum the boot of the car.
  • If a hairy pet has travelled in the boot, the easiest way to get the upholstery clean is using a lint roller.

Wiping down surfaces

  • The plastic and fabric parts of a car can be wiped with a mild general-purpose car detergent.
  • There are specific cleaning products designed for leather interiors.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your car and the detergent.
  • Absorbent surfaces should always be cleaned with as little water as possible and as evenly as possible in order to avoid staining.
  • A lint-free interior cloth is good for wiping and will remove greasy stains even without detergent.
  • Spray the detergent onto the cloth first. Spraying the detergent directly onto the surface to be cleaned can cause stains.


  • Clean the large surfaces of the dashboard using a Kungs dashboard cloth that collects dust very effectively
  • A cockpit cleaner can fit into narrow spaces very well and its microfibre bumps will get ventilation slits, for example, very thoroughly clean.


  • Usually, when removing a difficult stain from a seat, you can apply the product directly onto the stain. You should apply the product to the entire seat in order to get an even result. You can use a brush and a chamois for removing stains.
  • When the seat has dried, check to see if another treatment is required.

Cleaning windows

  • Wipe down the windows and interior mirrors with a microfibre window cloth.
  • Try the Kungs window cleaner that makes it easy to reach the crack between the windscreen and the dashboard.
  • Often, water is sufficient for cleaning windows but there are specific products designed for the purpose.