How to scrape effectively

How to scrape effectively

Choose a plastic ice scraper that fits well in your hand.


  • Use a car parking heater if possible.
  • Start the car and adjust the fans to blow onto the windscreen at full power.
  • Use an ice scraper to detach the windscreen wiper blades that have frozen onto the windscreen, but be careful not to damage the rubber of the blades.
  • Clean the wiper blades with the notch of the Kungs ice scraper designed for the purpose.

How to clean windows effectively

  • Scrape the windscreen clean horizontally.
  • Start from the bottom of the driver’s side and scrape with one long movement all the way to the middle of the windscreen.
  • Continue upwards
  • Repeat the same process from the other side of the car.
  • Scrape clean all of the car windows.
  • Brush loose snow and ice off glass surfaces.
  • Clean the scraper of ice and dirt after use. Wash or wipe clean with a cloth, if necessary.