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Kungs telescopic snow shifter (67-103 cm)


The Kungs snow shifter comes in handy when you want to remove a thick layer of snow from the roof of your car.

The snow shifter has padded sides to avoid scratching the car. The telescopic shaft allows adjusting the length with a screwing mechanism. The snow shifter is 67 cm long at its shortest and 103 cm when completely extended. The aluminium shaft has an ice scraper on the other end for scraping the windscreen. The triangular ice scraper has a total of six scraping edges, two along each side. The scraper is also equipped with ice breaker teeth for getting off even the toughest black ice and a notch for cleaning windscreen wiper blades.

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Maintenance instructions

A soiled snow shifter can be rinsed with running water.


Length 67–103 cm


Snow shifter shaft – aluminium
Snow shifter end – polypropene/SEBS elastomere
Scraper – polycarbonate

Recycling instructions

Shaft – scrap metal
Scraper and shifter – energy waste

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