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Kungs car-dehumidifier (1 kg)


Absorbs excessive moisture and prevents misty windows. The odourless silicone filling will absorb up to 4 dl of water.

For cars, camper vans, boats, tents, summer houses, wardrobes, storage etc. A damp bag can be dried and re-used.

Use instructions

Place the bag in a place such as the dashboard of your car. Let the bag absorb moisture for some time, such as overnight. Put the bag in the glove compartment or door pocket before you start driving.
Dry the bag before re-using. Replace the bag after 12 months of use.

Maintenance instructions

Drying in the microwave at full power (max. 800 W): Dry 3×5 minutes. Invert the bag between dries and allow the heat to equilibrate for one minute.
If the bag has absorbed a considerable amount of moisture and its total weight has increased to 300-400 g, take a break for 30 minutes and continue drying for another 2×5 minutes.
Handle the bag that was dried carefully, as the bag in the microwave is hot! Wear gloves or patch gloves if necessary. Do not place a hot bag on a heat-resistant surface.


Weight 1 kg

Recycling instructions

Packaging – cardboard recycling
Desiccant – mixed waste
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