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Kungs drying cloth


The Kungs drying cloth is a durable and lint-free PVA cloth designed for the paint surface and windows of cars.

You can use the cloth for drying the car after washing, just like a chamois. Thanks to its unique waffle structure, it can absorb water up to five times its own weight. The cloth is soft and gentle for all surfaces and it does not scratch the car’s paintwork.

The cloth can be machine washed and handily stored. Thanks to a protective case, it can be stored in the boot of the car, for example, without having to worry about it getting dirty.

Use instructions

Moisten the cloth before use and rinse and wring it dry after using. Store the cloth damp in the plastic case. The cloth can be machine washed in 40 °C without fabric softener.


43 cm x 32 cm


PVA, polyvinyl acetate

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