A poor snow brush can ruin the paintwork of your car

A poor snow brush can ruin the paintwork of your car

If you’re caught in a snowstorm, the wrong tools can cause severe damage to your car.

Don’t use a sandy brush

A winter morning is the nightmare of many car owners: you’re in a rush to get to work and the car is covered in snow and ice. However, you should never use just any brush to clean your car. A dirty, old snow brush that has been stored below the seats in the car can easily scrape the paint as bits of sand attached to the bristles come off while brushing. The bristles of your snow brush do also wear out in use, making the brush less than optimal for cleaning the car. Sand and other dirt will attach itself much easier to old and gnarly bristles, increasing the risk of scratching. Although brushing snow off a car that is dirty is always risky, the risk can at least be mitigated by using a proper snow brush.

The bristels of a good snow brush should be designed for cleaning snow off a car and made out of high-quality materials to be smooth and durable. The high-quality thick bristles of the Finnish Kungs Max-is snow brush are gentle on a car’s paintwork.

Don’t scratch your windscreen with inappropriate tools

Rarely does one stop to think that there might be differences between ice scrapers. Nonetheless, it is important to use proper tools for removing ice and an old cracked ice scraper is not among these. A metal scraper blade can permanently damage your windscreen, at worst. With a good ice scraper even the hardest ice will come off without unnecessary scraping back and forth, which could damage the windscreen, especially if it is dirty.

The perfectly designed and functional Mid-is ice scraper is slightly flexible and has a fine blade, allowing it to adapt well to the contours of the windscreen. Equipped with a flexible blade, the scraper requires very little force and back and forth movement to be used. The sturdy Monster-is ice scraper has a good grip and ice breaker teeth for loosening ice stuck on the windscreen. The plastic ice scraper will not damage the car doors or weather strips. If you forgot your gloves, the Arctic-is ice scraper will keep your hands warm while you clean the windows. It is equipped with a stylish and soft protective glove.

Be careful not to break the wiper blades by cleaning them incorrectly!

Cleaning the windscreen wiper blades is important for your safety. Using icy wiper blades can damage the mechanism that moves the wipers as well as the blades themselves. The Finnish Kungs ice scrapers and snow brushes have a notch designed for this purpose. The tool included in the triangular scraper makes it easy to clean the wiper blades with just one stroke. The ice will come off the blades with easy strokes so you don’t have to knock them with the brush or against the windscreen.

It is common for your windscreen to get splattered with mud even in the winter, which causes sand to start collecting also on your ice scraper. Clean the edge of the scraper blade after every use to make sure there is no sand on the scraper the next time you use it.

The blades of snow brushes and ice scrapers will wear out over time. The triangular Kungs replacement scraper blade has a total of six scraping edges, two along each side. As one edge is worn out, you can flip the blade and finally replace only the scraper blade. This reduces the amount of plastic waste.

The length of a snow brush shaft matters

A good snow brush should be long enough to allow you to reach the roof and the middle of a wide windscreen. If you leave snow on the roof, it may slide onto the windscreen when you brake or fly onto a car driving behind you as you drive. You might have considered cleaning your car with another brush, like the one you use for sweeping your stairs because of its long shaft. However, the bristles were not designed for cleaning cars.

A car snow brush equipped with a long handle allows easily cleaning even a larger car of snow. In addition, your jacket or another piece of clothing rubbing against the dirty side of your car is also not good for the paintwork – not to mention your clothes. The long shaft of the Kungs Star-is snow brush allows you to clean your car without having to lean against its snowy or dirty sides. This makes a snow brush with a long shaft important even for smaller cars. The handy wiper included in the Star-is snow brush makes pushing snow off the car easy even when there is a lot of it on the roof. The adjustable telescopic shaft makes the brush easy to store inside the car.