How to beat a snowy morning

How to beat a snowy morning

Your car getting buried in snow overnight risks making your morning less than stellar. We gathered a few tips to minimise the nuisance of a snowy morning and to make sure that you can get on the road quickly and in good spirits even if there was a blizzard the night before.

Leave the snow brush outside the car

Often, opening the door will throw the first bit of snow from the roof and above the door right onto the seats. That is why having a snow brush on the patio or next to the staircase is a good idea to be able to clean off some snow before opening the door. A good option for a snow brush to store next to your door is the Kungs Max-is.

Store your snow brush in the boot

You should keep the snow brush as clean as possible to avoid unnecessarily scratching your car with a sandy brush. That is why it is a good idea to store it in the boot or some place other than under the seats where it easily ends up stomped on by muddy boots.

Use a snow brush with a long handle

A snow brush with a telescopic shaft is a great tool for cleaning snow also from the roof of the car and the middle of the windscreen. It also keeps your clothes clean as you can reach further without stretching over the snowy car. The aluminium shaft of the Kungs Tele-is can be adjusted between 77 and 105 cm.

Use a scraper for tough ice

Ice that is firmly frozen on the windows of the car can sometimes be hard to get loose even with a good scraper. A sturdy shaft helps in applying more force when cleaning, allowing the scraper to bite into the ice better. One of the scraping edges of the Kungs Mid-is ice scraper also has ice breaker teeth that allow crushing black ice before scraping.
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