Removing hairs from the interior of the car

Removing hairs from the interior of the car

Removing long hairs, animal hair and pine needles from car seats and carpets are among the most difficult tasks in cleaning the interiors. They can be hard to remove even with a vacuum cleaner. When choosing the tools for the job, you should remember that cleaning should not damage the surface of the seats or the carpets.

Removing hairs from the interior of the car is best done with a Kungs silicone brush designed for the purpose. It has three different surfaces for gently removing various different types of rubbish.


The headrest of seats with fabric upholstery tends to collect hair that is very difficult to remove. First, wipe the headrest with the small bumps of the silicone brush. Then, remove the loose hair with the spatula part.

Animal hair

Removing animal hair from the interior of the car may seem like a long haul from the get go. However, the silicone brush makes the job a bit easier. Use the small bumps of the brush for even surfaces and the longer bristles for edges and cramped areas. You can also use the spatula part to try to sweep hair from even parts of the seats. Finally, remove all loose hair with a vacuum cleaner.

Clinging pine needles and other rubbish

Pine needles and other small rubbish can easily cling tightly on the carpet material. A vacuum cleaner will never remove them and most don’t have the patience to pick them off individually by hand. The silicone brush can help in this situation, too. Brush the carpet with the long bristles and the brush will collect hair and needles from the carpet. You can then still vacuum the carpet to remove any grains of sand and loose trash.